†subfamily Varanodontinae Modesto et al. 2001 (synapsid)

Osteichthyes - Synapsida - Varanopidae

Full reference: S. P. Modesto, C. A. Sidor, B. S. Rubidge and J. Welman. 2001. A second varanopseid skull from the Upper Permian of South Africa: implications for Late Permian ‘pelycosaur’ evolution. Lethaia 34(4):249-259

Parent taxon: Neovaranopsia according to F. Spindler et al. 2018

See also Berman et al. 2014, Maddin et al. 2006, Modesto et al. 2001 and Reisz and Laurin 2004

Sister taxon: Mesenosaurinae

Subtaxa: Aerosaurus Mycterosaurus Ruthiromia Tambacarnifex Varanodon Varanops Watongia

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• Permian of Germany (1 collection), United States (7: Oklahoma, Texas)

• Carboniferous to Permian of United States (1: New Mexico)

• Carboniferous of United States (1: New Mexico)

Total: 10 collections including 13 occurrences

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