Chlamys (Mimachlamys) Iredale 1929 (scallop)

Bivalvia - Pectinida - Pectinoidae

Alternative spelling: Mimachlamys

Parent taxon: Chlamys according to Shuto 1971

See also Bouchet et al. 2010, Lamprell and Whitehead 1992, Sepkoski 2002 and Todd 2001

Sister taxa: Chlamys (Anatipopecten), Chlamys (Azumapecten), Chlamys (Camptochlamys), Chlamys (Camptonectes), Chlamys (Chlamys), Chlamys (Kaparachlamys), Chlamys (Leochlamys), Chlamys (Mixtipecten), Chlamys (Miyagipecten), Chlamys (Pethopecten), Chlamys (Phialopecten), Chlamys (Radulopecten), Chlamys (Scaeochlamys), Chlamys (Swiftopecten), Chlamys alockamanensis, Chlamys anapleus, Chlamys angsanana, Chlamys antiaustralis, Chlamys archiaciana, Chlamys ashiyaensis, Chlamys asperrimus, Chlamys badenpowelli, Chlamys bartschi, Chlamys behringiana, Chlamys bellicostata, Chlamys biarritzensis, Chlamys biddleana, Chlamys bifrons, Chlamys branneri, Chlamys cacawensis, Chlamys caillaudi, Chlamys calkinsi, Chlamys carinata, Chlamys choctavensis, Chlamys cinnabarina, Chlamys clarkeana, Chlamys cookei, Chlamys cornwalli, Chlamys corteziana, Chlamys cowlitzensis, Chlamys curvivarians, Chlamys cushmani, Chlamys decemnarius, Chlamys decussata, Chlamys dentata, Chlamys deshayesii, Chlamys donmilleri, Chlamys dringi, Chlamys egregius, Chlamys elongata, Chlamys enfieldensis, Chlamys eupatagonicus, Chlamys exaratus, Chlamys faujasi, Chlamys feddeni, Chlamys fenestratus, Chlamys funebris, Chlamys goldfussi, Chlamys grossouvrei, Chlamys grunskyi, Chlamys hastata, Chlamys hertleini, Chlamys hodgei, Chlamys hupeanus, Chlamys indecisa, Chlamys ingeniosa, Chlamys jamviniensis, Chlamys janiroides, Chlamys jordani, Chlamys kakanuia, Chlamys kebolintangensis, Chlamys kotaklensis, Chlamys kotorana, Chlamys kumanodoensis, Chlamys landesi, Chlamys lentiginosa, Chlamys lowei, Chlamys matchgarensis, Chlamys mediacostata, Chlamys menkrawitensis, Chlamys mercuria, Chlamys milvus, Chlamys miurensis, Chlamys mojsisovicsi, Chlamys nisataiensis, Chlamys nupera, Chlamys nuwokensis, Chlamys opuntia, Chlamys palmyrensis, Chlamys peroni, Chlamys picta, Chlamys portoricoensis, Chlamys praenuncius, Chlamys proavus, Chlamys reticulata, Chlamys rollei, Chlamys rubida, Chlamys ruschenbergerii, Chlamys sanctiludovici, Chlamys sanguinolenta, Chlamys santamaria, Chlamys scabrellus, Chlamys sespeensis, Chlamys sespensis, Chlamys seymouri, Chlamys shitakaraensis, Chlamys sokolovi, Chlamys solea, Chlamys splendens, Chlamys squamosa, Chlamys subacuta, Chlamys substriata, Chlamys talahabensis, Chlamys tamurae, Chlamys tenuicostatus, Chlamys textoria, Chlamys titirangiensis, Chlamys tjaringinensis, Chlamys wahtubbeana, Chlamys washburnei, Pecten (Chlamys) alexandri, Pecten (Chlamys) articulatus, Pecten (Chlamys) caloosensis, Pecten (Chlamys) coronatiformis, Pecten (Chlamys) desiderii, Pecten (Chlamys) eboreus, Pecten (Chlamys) erlangeri, Pecten (Chlamys) prototranquebaricus, Pecten (Chlamys) risti, Pecten (Chlamys) rogersii, Pecten (Chlamys) rothpletzi, Pecten (Chlamys) sakitoensis, Pecten (Chlamys) satoi, Pecten (Chlamys) scutella, Pecten (Chlamys) subalpinus, Pecten (Chlamys) subdextilis, Pecten (Chlamys) tauroperstriaus, Pecten (Chlamys) thompsoni, Pecten (Chlamys) wautubbeanus, Pecten (Chlamys) waylandi, Pecten (Chlamys) yneziana

Subtaxa: Mimachlamys albolineatus Mimachlamys angelonii Mimachlamys asperrima Mimachlamys asperrimoides Mimachlamys australis Mimachlamys blowi Mimachlamys canalis Mimachlamys cretosa Mimachlamys denticulata Mimachlamys famigerator Mimachlamys funebris Mimachlamys gloriosa Mimachlamys henrici Mimachlamys kaneharai Mimachlamys lentiginosa Mimachlamys mantelliana Mimachlamys meisensis Mimachlamys nobilis Mimachlamys plebeia Mimachlamys reconditus Mimachlamys robinaldina Mimachlamys scabricostata Mimachlamys senatoria Mimachlamys singaporinus Mimachlamys sturtiana Mimachlamys undulata Mimachlamys vokesorum

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Ecology: stationary epifaunal suspension feeder


• Quaternary of Australia (3 collections), Djibouti (2), Italy (1), Japan (1), Kenya (1), Mozambique (1), Pakistan (2), the Philippines (1), Saudi Arabia (1), South Africa (2), Sudan (1), Tanzania (1), Yemen (4)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Malaysia (6)

• Pliocene of Australia (1), Cuba (1), Egypt (1), India (1), Indonesia (8), Iran (1), Japan (1), Pakistan (2), Spain (1)

• Miocene to Pliocene of Indonesia (1)

• Miocene of Australia (3), Belgium (4), Colombia (1), the Dominican Republic (1), France (1), India (6), Indonesia (7), Iran (3), Japan (25), Morocco (1), Pakistan (3), Panama (10), Puerto Rico (1), the Russian Federation (4), Somalia (5), South Africa (1), Sri Lanka (4), Venezuela (1)

• Oligocene of Japan (1)

• Eocene of Belgium (3), France (1), Pakistan (1), Poland (2), the United Kingdom (7)

• Cretaceous of Argentina (3), Chile (1), France (7), Germany (1), Italy (2), Japan (1), Mozambique (1), Nigeria (1), Poland (11), Switzerland (1), the United Kingdom (7)

• Jurassic to Cretaceous of Chile (1)

Total: 178 collections including 186 occurrences

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