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- Salterellidae

Volborthella is a genus. It is not extant.

It was synonymized subjectively with Salterella by Yochelson (1983).

It was assigned to Volborthellida by Sepkoski (2002); and to Salterellidae by Yochelson and Kisselev (2003).

Synonymy list
YearName and author
1974Campitius Firby and Durham p. 1112
2002Volborthella Sepkoski, Jr.
2003Volborthella Yochelson and Kisselev p. 10

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J. B. Firby and J. W. Durham 1974 (Campitius)With the characters of the species. [ radula with large, numerous gently arcuate conical denticles having a slightly concave base, apparently arranged in transverse rows of about 9, the most com- plete specimens indicat,e that there were at least 40 rows disposed along an elongate, probably fleshy, ribbon. Mineralogically the denticles are composed of grains of ilmenite arranged in cyclic bands within a quartz (prob- ably originally opal) matrix. The available denticles vary in shape from short, wide based cones (3.0 mm by 3.5 mm) to long thin based ones (3.14 by 0.96 mm); within each organized specimen the denticles vary only slightly in size, the more extreme shapes are of isolated denticles; some have only a slightly hooked tip; others are more strongly arcuate.]