Classification of the species Bootherium bombifrons

Bootherium bombifrons Harlan 1825
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Invalid names: Bison appalachicolus Rhoads 1895 [synonym], Bootherium brazosis Hesse 1942 [synonym], Bootherium nivicolens Hay 1915 [synonym], Bootherium sargenti Gidley 1908 [synonym], Liops zuniensis Gidley 1906 [synonym], Ovibos cavifrons Leidy 1852 [synonym], Ovibos giganteus Frick 1937 [synonym], Scaphoceros tyrelli Osgood 1905 [synonym], Symbos australis Brown 1908 [synonym], Symbos convexifrons Barbour 1934 [synonym], Symbos promptus Hay 1921 [synonym]