Classification of the subfamily Dacrytheriinae

Subfm. †Dacrytheriinae Deperet 1917
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G. †Catodontherium Deperet 1908
Catodontherium buxgovianum Erfurt and Metais 2007
Catodontherium fallax Stehlin 1910
Catodontherium paquieri Stehlin 1910
Catodontherium robiacnse Deperet 1906
Invalid names: Catodus Deperet 1905 [replaced]
G. †Dacrytherium Filhol
Dacrytherium cayluxi Filhol 1876
Dacrytherium elegans Filhol 1884
Dacrytherium ovinum Owen 1857
Dacrytherium priscum Stehlin 1910
Dacrytherium sturnini Stehlin 1910