W. J. Kennedy et al. 2000

Full reference
W. J. Kennedy, N. H. Landman, W. A. Cobban and G.R. Scott. 2000. Late Campanian (Cretaceous) heteromorph ammonites. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 251:1-88 [A. Hendy/A. Hendy]
ID number:  29682
Created:  2009-04-10 20:28:17
Modified:  2009-04-10 22:28:17
Publication type:  serial monograph
Taxonomy:  stated with evidence
Language:  English
Taxonomic names (69)
Ancyloceras (Hamites) uncus, Ancyloceras cheyenensis, Ancyloceras cheyennense, Ancyloceras jenneyi, Ancyloceras nebrascensis, Ancyloceras nicolletii, Ancyloceras tricostatus, Cirroceras nebraskense, Didymoceras angulatum, Didymoceras binodosum, Didymoceras cheyenense, Didymoceras cheyenensis, Didymoceras cheyennense, Didymoceras cochleatus, Didymoceras nebrascense, Didymoceras newtoni, Didymoceras nicolletii, Didymoceras platycostatum, Didymoceras tenuicostatus, Didymoceras tortus, Didymoceras tricostatus, Didymoceras umbilicatus, Didymoceras uncus, Didymoceras vespertinus, Didymoceratoides, Didymoceratoides binodosum, Emperoceras beecheri, Emperoceras simplicostatum, Exiteloceras jenneyi, Helicoceras angulatum, Helicoceras cheyenense, Helicoceras cheyenensis, Helicoceras nebrascense, Helicoceras tenuicostatus, Helicoceras tortus, Heteroceras nebrascense, Heteroceras newtoni, Heteroceras simplicostatum, Heteroceras vespertinus, Nostoceras (Didymoceras) nebrascense, Nostoceras (Nostoceras) approximans, Nostoceras (Nostoceras) monotuberculatum, Nostoceras (Nostoceras) pauper, Nostoceras alternatus, Nostoceras approximans, Nostoceras arkanasanum, Nostoceras danei, Nostoceras mendryki, Nostoceras monotuberculatum, Nostoceras pauper, Nostoceras platycostatum, Nostoceras pleurocostatum, Nostoceras pulcher, Nostoceras saundersorum, Nostoceras splendidus, Oxybeloceras meekanum, Ptychoceras meekanum, Solenoceras bearpawense, Solenoceras elegans, Solenoceras larimerense, Spiroxybeloceras meekanum, Turrilites alternatus, Turrilites cheyenensis, Turrilites cochleatus, Turrilites nebrascensis, Turrilites pauper, Turrilites saundersorum, Turrilites splendidus, Turrilites umbilicatus