J. W. Wells 1947

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J. W. Wells. 1947. Coral Studies, Part III. Three new Cretaceous corals from Texas and Alabama, Part IV. A new species of Phyllangia from the Florida Miocene, Part V. A new Coenocyathus from Florida. Bulletins of American Paleontology 31(123):162-176 [W. Kiessling/U. Merkel/U. Merkel]
ID number:  39757
Created:  2012-01-26 01:29:00
Modified:  2012-01-25 08:29:24
Publication type:  journal article
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  English
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'Astrangia (Coenangia) lamarensis belongs to Astrangia (Coenangia)' according to J. W. Wells 1947
'Caryophyllia dentonensis belongs to Caryophyllia' according to J. W. Wells 1947
'Stenocyathus alabamiensis belongs to Stenocyathus' according to J. W. Wells 1947
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