S. Guan 1986

Full reference
S. Guan. 1986. [The boundary of Cretaceous–Tertiary]. In Y. Hao, D. Su, J. Yu, P. Li, Y. Li, N. Wang, H. Qi, S. Guan, H. Hu, X. Liu, W. Yang, L. Ye, Z. Shou, & Q. Zhang (eds.), Ching-kuo Ti Pao o Hsi [The Cretaceous System of China. The Stratigraphy of China] 12:35-36 [M. Carrano/M. Carrano/M. Carrano]
ID number:  54359
Created:  2015-02-13 13:51:56
Modified:  2015-02-13 14:58:05
Publication type:  book chapter
Taxonomy:  stated without evidence
Language:  Chinese
Taxonomic opinions (5) - view classification
'Microhadrosaurus nanshiungensis belongs to Microhadrosaurus' according to S. Guan 1986
'Nanshiungosaurus brevispinus belongs to Nanshiungosaurus' according to S. Guan 1986
'Nemegtosaurus pachi belongs to Nemegtosaurus' according to S. Guan 1986
'Shanshanosaurus huoyanshanensis [misspelled as Shanshanosaurus houyanshanensis] belongs to Shanshanosaurus' according to S. Guan 1986
'Tyrannosaurus turpanensis [misspelled as Tyrannosaurus turopanensis] belongs to Tyrannosaurus' according to S. Guan 1986