Dienerian subage

251.4 - 251.2 Ma

The definition of this interval in the timescale Mesozoic Subages is taken from the following source:

  • F. M. Gradstein, J. G. Ogg, M. D. Schmitz and G. M. Ogg. 2020. Geologic Time Scale 2020 view

The bottom age has been interpolated based on the differences between the ages for international timescale boundaries quoted in the source and the currently accepted ages for those boundaries.

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This interval is used in the definition of 752 collections

A total of 715 collections with 1864 occurrences lie within this time span

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International Chronostratigraphic TimescaleMesozoic Subages
TriassicLate TriassicRhaetian201.4
Alaunian213.2 *
Lacian216.7 *
Julian233.4 *
Middle TriassicLadinianLongobardian237
Fassanian239.7 *
Pelsonian243.8 *
Bithynian244.7 *
Aegean245.5 *
Early TriassicOlenekianSpathian247.2
Smithian248.9 *
Griesbachian251.4 *