Late Paleocene subepoch

59.2 - 56 Ma

The definition of this interval in the timescale Cenozoic Subepochs is taken from the following source:

  • W. B. Harland, R. L. Armstrong, A. V. Cox, L. E. Craig, A. G. Smith and D. G. Smith. 1990. A Geologic Time Scale 1989. view

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A total of 1502 collections with 11454 occurrences lie within this time span

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International Chronostratigraphic TimescaleCenozoic Subepochs
PaleogeneOligoceneChattianLate Oligocene23.03
RupelianEarly Oligocene27.82
EocenePriabonianLate Eocene33.9
BartonianMiddle Eocene37.71
YpresianEarly Eocene47.8
PaleoceneThanetianLate Paleocene56
SelandianMiddle Paleocene59.2
DanianEarly Paleocene61.6