Mesozoic Subages

The interval definitions in this timescale are derived from the following sources:

  • F. M. Gradstein, F. P. Agterberg, J. G. Ogg, J. Hardenbol, P. Van Veen, J. Thierry, and Z. Huang. 1995. A Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous time scale. SEPM Special Publication 54 view
  • F. M. Gradstein, J. G. Ogg, M. D. Schmitz and G. M. Ogg. 2020. Geologic Time Scale 2020 view
  • J. Palfy, P. L. Smith, and J. K. Mortensen. 2000. A U-Pb and 40Ar/39Ar time scale for the Jurassic. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 37(6):923-944 view

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Interval boundaries marked with * have been interpolated based on the differences between the ages for international timescale boundaries quoted in the source and the currently accepted ages for those boundaries.

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International Chronostratigraphic TimescaleMesozoic Subages
CretaceousLate CretaceousMaastrichtianLate Maastrichtian/Early Maastrichtian66
CampanianLate Campanian/Middle Campanian/Early Campanian72.1
SantonianLate Santonian/Middle Santonian/Early Santonian83.6
ConiacianLate Coniacian/Middle Coniacian/Early Coniacian86.3
TuronianLate Turonian/Middle Turonian/Early Turonian89.8
CenomanianLate Cenomanian/Middle Cenomanian/Early Cenomanian93.9
Early CretaceousAlbianLate Albian100.5
Middle Albian106.2 *
Early Albian109.9 *
AptianLate Aptian113
Early Aptian119.5 *
BarremianLate Barremian/Early Barremian121.4
HauterivianLate Hauterivian/Early Hauterivian125.77
ValanginianLate Valanginian/Early Valanginian132.6
BerriasianLate Berriasian139.8
Middle Berriasian140.6 *
Early Berriasian142.7 *
JurassicLate JurassicTithonianLate TithonianMiddle Tithonian145
Early Tithonian146.3 *
KimmeridgianLate Kimmeridgian149.2
Early Kimmeridgian152.2 *
OxfordianLate OxfordianMiddle Oxfordian/Early Oxfordian154.8
157.9 *
Middle JurassicCallovianLate Callovian/Middle Callovian/Early Callovian161.5
BathonianLate Bathonian/Middle Bathonian/Early Bathonian165.3
BajocianLate Bajocian168.2
Early Bajocian168.6 *
AalenianLate Aalenian/Middle Aalenian/Early Aalenian170.9
Early JurassicToarcianLate Toarcian174.7
Middle Toarcian180.4 *
Early Toarcian182.9 *
PliensbachianLate Pliensbachian/Early Pliensbachian184.2
SinemurianLate Sinemurian/Early Sinemurian192.9
HettangianLate Hettangian/Middle Hettangian/Early Hettangian199.5
TriassicLate TriassicRhaetian201.4
Alaunian213.2 *
Lacian216.7 *
Julian233.4 *
Middle TriassicLadinianLongobardian237
Fassanian239.7 *
Pelsonian243.8 *
Bithynian244.7 *
Aegean245.5 *
Early TriassicOlenekianSpathian247.2
Smithian248.9 *
Griesbachian251.4 *