Ghajn Znuber beds, Upper Coralline Limestone Fm. (Miocene to of Malta)

Where: Malta (35.9° N, 14.3° E: paleocoordinates 35.6° N, 14.0° E)

• coordinate estimated from map

• outcrop-level geographic resolution

When: Ghajn Melel Member (Upper Coralline Limestone Formation), Tortonian to Tortonian (11.6 - 5.3 Ma)

• bed-level stratigraphic resolution

Environment/lithology: shallow subtidal; sandstone

• The Ghajn Znuber Beds underlie the Coralline Algal Biostrome in western

•Malta and eastern Gozo. Distribution of the thinnest beds is patchy, but illustrates the very localized distribution of the major biocalcarenite sequences as north--south to east--west ridges up to 14 m thick. Each body consists of ginger-brown Heterostegina biomicrite or biomicrosparite showing a fiat basal profile, but often with a rather irregular upper surface. In addition, reworked sand lenses are found in the overlying biostrome above the sand-ridges. Internal sedimentary structures are rare, as the sediments are bioturbated. In the top metre of some ridges, reworking has occurred and small-scale tangential cross-stratification is visible together with erosion surfaces produced by east--west currents. Faunas are dominantly thick shelled and frequently reworked and bored. The sand waves of the Ghajn Znuber Beds were relatively static structures, subjected occasionally to highenergy conditions.

• subtidal sand-ridges

Size classes: mesofossils, microfossils

Primary reference: D. W. J. Bosence. 1983. Coralline algae from the Miocene of Malta. Palaeontology 26:147-173 [W. Kiessling/M. Krause]more details

Purpose of describing collection: taxonomic analysis

PaleoDB collection 141542: authorized by Wolfgang Kiessling, entered by Mihaela Krause on 28.03.2013

Creative Commons license: CC BY (attribution)

Taxonomic list

 Nummulitacea - Nummulitidae
Heterostegina sp. d'Orbigny 1826
 Sabellida - Serpulidae
Serpulidae indet. Rafinesque 1835
 Arcida - Glycymerididae
 Pectinida - Pectinoidae
 Mytilida - Mytilidae
Lithophaga sp. Röding 1798 mussel
 Cheilostomata - Lepraliellidae
 Clypeasteroida - Clypeasteridae
Clypeaster altus sand dollar
 Corallinales - Hapalidiaceae
Mesophyllum commune Lemoine 1939
 Corallinales - Corallinaceae
Lithophyllum albanense Lemoine 1924
"Lithophyllum mgarrense" = Lithophyllum nitorum Adey and Adey 1973