†suborder Proturina Spencer and Wright 1966

Stenuroidea - Proturina

Full reference: W. K. Spencer and C.W. Wright. 1966. Asterozoans. Moore R.C. ed, Treatise on invertebrate paleontology, Echinodermata, University of Kansas Press and the Geological Society of America 3(1):U4-U107

Parent taxon: Stenuroidea according to D. B. Blake 2013

See also Boczarowski 2001 and Spencer and Wright 1966

Sister taxa: Acinetaster, Echinasterella, Embolasteridae, Eophiuricae, Hystrigaster, Jaekelaster, Klasmuridae, Palaeuricae, Palasteriscus, Parophiurina, Ptilonaster, Scalarina, Stuertzaster

Subtaxa: Acinetasteridae Bdellacomidae Eophiuridae Pradesuridae Rhopalocomidae

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Devonian of Germany (1 collection), South Africa (3)

• Silurian of the United Kingdom (3)

• Ordovician of the Czech Republic (1), France (1), Spain (1), the United Kingdom (1)

• Arenig of France (1)

Total: 12 collections including 15 occurrences

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