Panopea (Panopea) Menard 1807 (clam)

Bivalvia - Hiatellida - Hiatellidae

Parent taxon: Panopea according to L. E. Anelli et al. 2006

See also Addicott 1973, Freneix et al. 1988 and Pugaczewska 1984

Sister taxa: Panopaea depressa, Panopaea elongata, Panopaea mackrothi, Panopaea montignyana, Panopaea orientalis, Panopaea remondii, Panopaea toulai, Panopaea vaudini, Panope agnewi, Panope borealis, Panope californica, Panope elongatissima, Panope gurgitis, Panope mclearni, Panope murrayensis, Panope tenuis, Panope webbi, Panopea (Myopsis), Panopea abbreviata, Panopea abrupta, Panopea akerlundi, Panopea aldrovandi, Panopea americana, Panopea anabarica, Panopea australis, Panopea bagualesia, Panopea bitruncata, Panopea brasiliensis, Panopea chiloensis, Panopea clausa, Panopea dockensis, Panopea eightsi, Panopea gastaldii, Panopea globosa, Panopea glycymeris, Panopea goldfussii, Panopea ibari, Panopea inaequivalvis, Panopea intermedia, Panopea kazakovae, Panopea kissoumi, Panopea nucleus, Panopea parawhitfieldi, Panopea porrectoides, Panopea ramonensis, Panopea rathbuni, Panopea snohomishensis, Panopea thomasi, Panopea undatoides, Panopea whitfieldi, Panopea worthingtoni, Panopea zinsmeisteri

Subtaxa: Panopea (Panopea) andreae Panopea (Panopea) menardi Panopea (Panopea) regularis Panopea (Panopea) vredenburgi Panopea (Panopea) worthingtoni

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Ecology: stationary deep infaunal suspension feeder


• Pliocene of Antarctica (3 collections), Belgium (1)

• Miocene of Algeria (1), Antarctica (3), Argentina (9), Austria (6), Belgium (1), Germany (9), Morocco (2), the Netherlands (2), Poland (1), Slovakia (2)

• Oligocene to Miocene of Argentina (1)

• Oligocene of Austria (1), Denmark (2), Turkey (3), United States (1: Mississippi)

• Eocene of Romania (1), United States (2: Mississippi)

• Paleocene of India (1)

• Cretaceous of the Czech Republic (1), the Russian Federation (1)

Total: 54 collections including 55 occurrences

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