Tribe Vespertilionina Gray 1825 (vesper bat)

Mammalia - Chiroptera - Vespertilionidae

Full reference: J. E. Gray. 1825. An outline of an attempt at the disposition of Mammalia into Tribes and Families, with a list of genera apparently appertaining to each Tribe. Annals of Philosophy, new series 10:337-344

Parent taxon: Vespertilionidae according to J. E. Gray 1825

Sister taxa: Ancenycteris, Barbastella, Chadronycteris, Chamtwaria, Corynorhinus, Eptesicus, Ia, Karstala, Khonsunycteris, Lasionycteris, Lasiurus, Miniopterus, Miomyotis, Miostrellus, Murina, Myotis, Noctilioninia, Nyctalus, Nycticeius, Nyctophylinae, Oligomyotis, Paleptesicus, Phyllostomina, Pipistrellus, Plionycteris, Potamonycteris, Pteropina, Rhinolophina, Rhogeessa, Scotomanes, Scotophilus, Shanwangia, Simonycteris, Stehlinia, Suaptenos, Tylonycteris, Vespertilio, Vespertilionae, Vespertilioninae

Subtaxa: Caelano Proboscidea

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Ecology: volant omnivore

Distribution: there are no occurrences of Vespertilionina in the database

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