†family Spionidae Grube 1850 (worm)

Polychaeta - Spionida - Spionidae

Parent taxon: Spionida according to C. J. Glasby et al. 2000

See also Wienrich 1999

Sister taxa: Apistobranchidae, Chaetopteridae, Longosomatidae, Magelonidae, Poecilochaetidae, Trochochaetidae, Uncispionidae

Subtaxa: Meandropolydora Polydora

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Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal detritivore


• Quaternary of Italy (1 collection), United States (9: California, North Carolina, Virginia)

• Pliocene of Belgium (1)

• Miocene of Germany (1), United States (5: Maryland, Texas)

• Cretaceous of Germany (1), United States (2: Alabama, Arizona)

• Jurassic of France (1), Portugal (1)

Total: 22 collections each including a single occurrence

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