†family Istiodactylidae Howse et al. 2001 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria - Istiodactylidae

Parent taxon: Pteranodontoidea according to B. Andres and Q. Ji 2006

See also Howse et al. 2001, Lü et al. 2008, Wang et al. 2008, Wang et al. 2005 and Wang and Zhou 2006

Sister taxa: Aussiedraco, Cimoliopterus, Hamipterus, Ikrandraco, Lanceodontia, Linlongopterus

Subtaxa: Archaeoistiodactylus Hongshanopterus Liaoxipterus

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Ecology: volant piscivore


• Cretaceous of China (2 collections), the Russian Federation (1), Spain (3), the United Kingdom (2)

• Jurassic of China (1)

Total: 9 collections each including a single occurrence

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