†order Ellimmichthyiformes Grande 1982 (ray-finned fish)

Actinopteri - Ellimmichthyiformes

Full reference: L. Grande. 1982. A revision of the fossil genus †Diplomystus, with comments on the interrelationships of clupeomorph fishes. American Museum Novitates 2728:1-34

Parent taxon: Clupeomorpha according to L. Grande 1982

See also Alvarado-Ortega and Ovalles-Dami√°n 2008, Forey et al. 2003 and Long 2011

Sister taxa: Armigatus, Leufuichthys, Ornategulum

Subtaxa: Ellimmichthyidae Horseshoeichthys Paraclupeidae Sorbinichthyidae

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Ecology: nektonic carnivore


• Eocene of United States (6: Wyoming collections)

• Cretaceous of Canada (6: Alberta), Equatorial Guinea (1), Italy (2), Japan (3), Lebanon (1), Mexico (4), Morocco (1), Palestinian Territory (1), Spain (1)

Total: 26 collections including 34 occurrences

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