†family Homunculidae Ameghino 1901 (monkey)

Mammalia - Primates - Homunculidae

Alternative spelling: Homunculini

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1901. L' age des Formations sedimentaires de Patagonie. Anales de la Sociedad Cientifica Argentina 52:189-197

Parent taxon: Platyrrhini according to R. F. Kay 2010

See also Ameghino 1902, Hershkovitz 1974 and Tejedor and Rosenberger 2008

Sister taxa: Atelidae, Ateloidea, Carlocebus, Cebidae, Chilecebus, Parvimico, Pitheciidae, Xenotrichidae

Subtaxa: Homunculus Soriacebinae

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Ecology: arboreal omnivore


• Miocene of Argentina (18 collections), Colombia (1)

• Oligocene of Peru (1)

Total: 20 collections including 27 occurrences

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