Cleiothyridina pectinifera Sowerby 1841 (lamp shell)

Rhynchonellata - Athyridida - Athyrididae

Alternative combinations: Athyris (Cliothyris) pectinifera, Athyris pectinifera, Atrypa pectenifera, Atrypa pectinifera, Cleiothyris pectinifera, Spirigera pectinifera, Terebratula pectinifera

Full reference: J. d. C. Sowerby. 1841. No. CVIII of the mineral conchology of Great Britain; or colored figures and descriptions of those remains of testaceous animals or shells, which have been preserved at various times and depths in the Earth. The Mineral Conchology of Great Britain 7:9-16

Belongs to Cleiothyridina according to T. A. Grunt 1986

See also Davidson 1858, de Verneuil 1845, Dunbar 1955, Geinitz 1861, Grunt 1980, Howse 1848, Howse 1857, Kashirtsev 1959, Keyserling 1846, King 1850, Lee and Gu 1980, Sowerby 1841, Stehli and Grant 1971, Tschernyschew 1902, Ustritsky and Chernyak 1963 and Waagen 1883

Sister taxa: Athyris (Cleiothyridina) bajtuganensis, Athyris (Cleiothyridina) epigona, Athyris (Cleiothyridina) warchensis, Cleiothyridina accola, Cleiothyridina acutomarginalis, Cleiothyridina ailakensis, Cleiothyridina anabathra, Cleiothyridina attenuata, Cleiothyridina bajkurica, Cleiothyridina baracoodensis, Cleiothyridina barbata, Cleiothyridina capillata, Cleiothyridina circularis, Cleiothyridina ciriacksi, Cleiothyridina corculum, Cleiothyridina dalmiriensis, Cleiothyridina davidsoni, Cleiothyridina deroissyi, Cleiothyridina dilimensis, Cleiothyridina echidniformis, Cleiothyridina excavata, Cleiothyridina globulina, Cleiothyridina grossula, Cleiothyridina hayasakai, Cleiothyridina interposita, Cleiothyridina intonsa, Cleiothyridina laminosa, Cleiothyridina laqueata, Cleiothyridina macleayana, Cleiothyridina maynci, Cleiothyridina mulsa, Cleiothyridina nana, Cleiothyridina nielseni, Cleiothyridina nikolaevi, Cleiothyridina orbicularis, Cleiothyridina ovalis, Cleiothyridina perthensis, Cleiothyridina pijaensis, Cleiothyridina pilularis, Cleiothyridina prouti, Cleiothyridina rara, Cleiothyridina rectimarginata, Cleiothyridina saraiensis, Cleiothyridina semiconcava, Cleiothyridina seriata, Cleiothyridina shenshuensis, Cleiothyridina simulans, Cleiothyridina solovjevae, Cleiothyridina subexpansa, Cleiothyridina tenuilineata, Cleiothyridina tribulosa, Cleiothyridina tschironensis, Cleiothyridina uralica, Cleiothyridina xetriformis, Cleiothyridina zhexiensis, Cleiothyridellina accoliformis

Type specimen: Its type locality is Humbleton Quarry, Durham (Sedgwick coll), which is in a Wuchiapingian reef, buildup or bioherm reef rocks in the Ford Formation of the United Kingdom

Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Permian of Canada (1: Nunavut collection), Greenland (9), Pakistan (72), the Russian Federation (38), Svalbard and Jan Mayen (6), the United Kingdom (12)

Total: 138 collections each including a single occurrence

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