Family Odontoceridae Wallengren 1891 (caddisfly)

Insecta - Trichoptera - Odontoceridae

Parent taxon: Brevitentoria according to W. Wichard 2013

See also Carpenter 1992 and Wichard et al. 2009

Sister taxa: Calamoceratidae, Fusuna, Leptoceroidea, Molannidae, Ogmomyiidae, Sericostomatoidea

Subtaxa: Electrocerum Electropsilotes Marilia Odontocerus Palaeopsilotreta Phenacopsyche

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• Eocene of Poland (2 collections), the Russian Federation (5), United States (2: Colorado)

• Cretaceous of Myanmar (2)

Total: 11 collections including 13 occurrences

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