Entactinosphaera aubouini Caridroit and De Wever 1986 (radiolarian)

Protozoa - Entactinaria - Entactiniidae

Full reference: M. Caridroit and P. De Wever. 1986. Some Late Permian radiolarians from pelitic rocks of the Tatsuno Formation (Hyogo Prefecture), southwest Japan. Marine Micropaleontology 11:55-90

Belongs to Entactinosphaera according to M. Caridroit and P. De Wever 1986

Sister taxa: Entactinosphaera aculeata, Entactinosphaera aculeatissima, Entactinosphaera aenigma, Entactinosphaera aitpaiensis, Entactinosphaera aksakensis, Entactinosphaera almae, Entactinosphaera altasulcata, Entactinosphaera amphilaphes, Entactinosphaera assidera, Entactinosphaera australis, Entactinosphaera baragensis, Entactinosphaera bellula, Entactinosphaera brevihebes, Entactinosphaera brevispinosa, Entactinosphaera calthrata, Entactinosphaera carssispira, Entactinosphaera cimelia, Entactinosphaera conglobata, Entactinosphaera crassiclathrata, Entactinosphaera crassispinosa, Entactinosphaera diplostraca, Entactinosphaera dystactotata, Entactinosphaera egindyensis, Entactinosphaera elegans, Entactinosphaera erebenna, Entactinosphaera esostrongyla, Entactinosphaera euthlasta, Entactinosphaera excurrens, Entactinosphaera explicata, Entactinosphaera foremanae, Entactinosphaera fredericki, Entactinosphaera gengmaensis, Entactinosphaera grandis, Entactinosphaera guangxiensis, Entactinosphaera hapala, Entactinosphaera hirta, Entactinosphaera hystricosa, Entactinosphaera inconstans, Entactinosphaera inpercepta, Entactinosphaera inusitata, Entactinosphaera liquidambarfructa, Entactinosphaera menneri, Entactinosphaera neocimelia, Entactinosphaera octospina, Entactinosphaera orientalis, Entactinosphaera palimbola, Entactinosphaera paracimelia, Entactinosphaera polyacanthina, Entactinosphaera pseudocimelia, Entactinosphaera pulcherima, Entactinosphaera riedeli, Entactinosphaera ruesti, Entactinosphaera simoni, Entactinosphaera spinulata, Entactinosphaera strangulata, Entactinosphaera symphypora, Entactinosphaera trendalli, Entactinosphaera tretactinia, Entactinosphaera triassica, Entactinosphaera unimana, Entactinosphaera variacanthina, Entactinosphaera verrucula, Entactinosphaera wuhanensis, Entactinosphaera zapfei, Thecentactinia indeterminata, Belowea crassitesta, Belowea tenuistesta, Belowea hexaculeata

Type specimen: Its type locality is Mt 1 Mikazuki, K158, which is in a Wuchiapingian marine shale in the Tatsuno Formation of Japan

Ecology: passively mobile planktonic omnivore


• Permian of Japan (3 collections)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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