Family Temnopleuridae Agassiz 1872 (sea urchin)

Echinoidea - Camarodonta - Temnopleuridae

Full reference: A. Agassiz. 1872. Revision of the Echini. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College 3:1-378

Parent taxon: Temnopleuridea according to A. Kroh and A. B. Smith 2010

See also Fell and Pawson 1966 and Ragaini 1994

Sister taxa: Glyphocyphidae, Trigonocidaridae, Zeuglopleuridae

Subtaxa: Amblypneustes Brochopleurus Desmechinus Echinocyphus Erbechinus Genocidaris Glyptechinus Goniosigma Grammechinus Graphepleurus Irenechinus Leiocyphus Leptopleurus Martinechinus Microcyphus Opechinus Ortholophus Paradoxechinus Printechinus Pseudarbacina Pseudechinus Pseudodicoptella Salmacis Scolechinus Temnechinus Temnopleurus Temnotrema Triplacidia Zeuglopleurus

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Type: Temnopleurus

Ecology: epifaunal grazer-deposit feeder


• Miocene of Australia (1 collection), Egypt (1), Fiji (1), Indonesia (1), Italy (6), Madagascar (1), South Africa (1)

• Eocene of New Zealand (1), Turkey (1), United States (1: California)

• Cretaceous of Belgium (1), Germany (1)

Total: 17 collections including 19 occurrences

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