†order Meganisoptera Martynov 1932 (griffinfly)

Insecta - Meganisoptera

Synonym: Protodonata Brongniart 1885 [replaced name]

Full reference: A. V. Martynov. 1932. New Permian Palaeoptera with the discussion of some problems of their evolution. Akademiya Nauk SSSR, Trudy Paleontologicheskogo Instituta 1:1-44

Parent taxon: Neodonatoptera according to A. Nel et al. 2009

See also Bechly 2007, Bechly et al. 2001, Brauckmann et al. 2003, Carpenter 1992, Laurentiaux-Vieira et al. 1952, Martynov 1932, Riek and Kukalov√°-Peck 1984 and Zessin 1983

Sister taxa: Brunellopteron, Eomeganisoptera, Euodonatoptera, Panodialata

Subtaxa: Alanympha Asapheneura Aulertupidae Dragonympha Kohlwaldiidae Meganeuridae Namurotypidae Palaeotherates Paralogidae Paralogopsis Schlechtendaliola Typoides

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