Clade Spinulosida Perrier 1884 (sea star)

Asteroidea - Spinulosida

Alternative spelling: Spinulosa

Full reference: E. Perrier. 1884. Mémoire sur les étoiles de mer recueillies dans la mer des Antilles et le Golf du Mexique. Nouvelles Archives du Muséum d'Histoire Naturelle 6(2):127-276

Parent taxon: Surculifera according to A. S. Gale 2011

See also Blake 1989, Mah and Blake 2012, Perrier 1884, Sepkoski 2002 and Spencer and Wright 1966

Sister taxon: Tripedicellaria

Subtaxa: Echinasteridae Eugnathina Leptognathina Plumasteridae Velatida

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore-suspension feeder

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