†family Heterorhyphidae Ansorge and Krzemiński 1995 (fly)

Insecta - Diptera - Heterorhyphidae

Full reference: J. Ansorge and W. Krzemiński. 1995. Revision of Mesorhyphus Handlirsch, Eoplecia Handlirsch and Heterorhyphus Bode (Diptera: Anisopodomorpha, Bibionomorpha) from the Upper Liassic of Germany. Palaeontologische Zeitschrift 69:167-172

Parent taxon: Bibionomorpha according to J. Ansorge and W. Krzemiński 1995

Sister taxa: Anisopodoidea, Bibionoidea, Mycetobioidea, Pachyneuroidea, Paradictyoptera, Perissommatoidea, Sciaroidea

Subtaxa: Heterorhyphus

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• Jurassic of Germany (3 collections)

Total: 3 collections including 4 occurrences

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