†family Permosialidae Martynov 1928 (winged insect)

Insecta - Dicondylia - Permosialidae

Synonyms: Epimastacidae Martynov 1928, Perloblattidae Storozhenko 1992, Permonkidae Rasnitsyn 1977, Tologopteridae Storozhenko 1992

Full reference: A. V. Martynov. 1928. Permian fossil Insects of North-East Europe. Travaux du Musée Géologique prés l'Académie des Sciences de l'URSS 4:1-118

Parent taxon: Neoptera according to J. Prokop et al. 2017

See also Carpenter 1992, Kukalová 1965, Martynov 1928, Martynov 1932, Rasnitsyn and Aristov 2013, Rasnitsyn and van Dijk 2011, Storozhenko 1992, Storozhenko 1997, Storozhenko 1998 and Storozhenko and Novokshonov 1999

Sister taxa: Ampelipteridae, Apheloneuridae, Archaemiopteridae, Archipanorpidae, Asiuropidae, Baryshnyalidae, Blattoneoptera, Boltonocostidae, Choristosialidae, Clareocercaria, Controversala, Dictyodipteridae, Dictyophara scudderi, Endoneoptera, Eopanorpella, Exopterygota, Gelasopteridae, Glosselytrodea, Hemineoptera, Holometabola, Metropatoridae, Metropatorites, Micropalentomidae, Mixotermitoidea, Naucoris crassus, Orthoneoptera, Palaeoheteroptera, Palaeonepidoideus, Paraneoptera, Perielytridae, Permembiidae, Polyneoptera, Prosigara, Psocodea, Saurodectidae, Sibosmylina, Sinembiidae, Sphalmatoblattina, Sycopteridae, Sycopteron, Synomaloptilidae, Tillyardites, Trachopterygidae, Triadochorista, Trichorthophlebia, Uninervidae

Subtaxa: Epimastax Permonka Permosialis

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• Triassic of Kyrgyzstan (1 collection)

• Permian of Australia (1), the Czech Republic (1), Kazakhstan (1), Mongolia (1), the Russian Federation (17), South Africa (1)

Total: 23 collections including 41 occurrences

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