†subfamily Leptaucheniinae Schultz and Falkenbach 1940 (oreodont)

Mammalia - Artiodactyla - Merycoidodontidae

Parent taxon: Merycoidodontidae according to M. S. Stevens and J. B. Stevens 2007

See also McKenna and Bell 1997

Sister taxa: Aclistomycterinae, Brachycrurinae, Desmatochoerinae, Eporeodontinae, Merychyinae, Merycochoerinae, Merycoidodontinae, Miniochoerinae, Oreonetinae, Phenacocoelinae, Promerycochoerinae, Ticholeptinae, Ustatochoerinae, Eucrotaphus, Diplotremus

Subtaxa: Leptauchenia Leptaucheniini Limnenetes Sespia Sespiini

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Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore


• Miocene of United States (1: South Dakota collection)

• Harrisonian of United States (1: Nebraska)

• Arikareean of United States (84: California, Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming)

• Oligocene of Canada (1: Saskatchewan), United States (115: Colorado, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming)

• Eocene of United States (5: Montana, Texas)

Total: 207 collections including 238 occurrences

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