†family Haplodontheriidae Ameghino 1907 (notoungulate)

Mammalia - Notoungulata - Haplodontheriidae

Alternative spelling: Haplodontheriinae

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1907. Les toxodontes ¡a cornes [The horned toxodonts]. Anales del Museo Nacional de Buenos Aires 16:49-91

Parent taxon: Toxodontia according to F. Ameghino 1907

See also Dantas and Tasso 2007 and Paula Couto 1956

Sister taxa: Atryptheridae, Homalodotheriidae, Isotemnidae, Leontiniidae, Noaditherium, Notohippidae, Pachyrucidae, Periphragnis, Protoxodontidae, Tembotheridae, Toxodontidae, Xotodontidae

Subtaxa: Abothrodon Ceratoxodon Haplodontherium Mesotoxodon Neotrigodon Plesiotoxodon Stereotoxodon Toxodontherium Trigodon Trigodonops

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Type: Haplodontherium

Ecology: scansorial herbivore


• Quaternary of Brazil (2 collections)

• Montehermosan of Argentina (5)

• Miocene of Argentina (2), Brazil (1)

Total: 10 collections including 21 occurrences

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