†suborder Priscaenigmatomorpha Engel 2002 (winged insect)

Insecta - Neuropteroidea

Full reference: M. S. Engel. 2002. The smallest snakefly (Raphidioptera: Mesoraphidiidae): a new species in Cretaceous amber from Myanmar, with a catalog of fossil snakeflies. American Museum Novitates 3363:1-22

Parent taxon: Neuropterida according to A. V. Khramov 2020

See also Bechly and Wolf-Schwenninger 2011, Engel 2002, Engel et al. 2018 and Perrichot and Engel 2007

Sister taxa: Eidoneuroptera, Permithonidae, Raphidioptera

Subtaxa: Chrysoraphidiidae Priscaenigmatidae

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• Cretaceous of China (1 collection), the Russian Federation (1)

• Jurassic of Germany (1), Kazakhstan (1), the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 5 collections including 7 occurrences

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