†family Metriacanthosauridae Carrano et al. 2012 (allosauroid)

Reptilia - Avetheropoda - Metriacanthosauridae

Synonym: Sinraptoridae Currie and Zhao 1994

Full reference: M. T. Carrano, R. B. J. Benson, and S. D. Sampson. 2012. The phylogeny of Tetanurae (Dinosauria: Theropoda). Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 10(2):211-300

Parent taxon: Allosauroidea according to M. T. Carrano et al. 2012

See also Benson and Barrett 2009, Coria and Currie 2006, Currie 1997, Currie and Carpenter 2000, Currie and Zhao 1994, Holtz 1996, Holtz 2000, Holtz et al. 2004, Hutchinson and Padian 1997, Hutt et al. 1996, Padian and Hutchinson 1997, Rauhut 2003, Sereno 1997, Sereno 1998, Sereno et al. 1996 and Sereno et al. 1994

Sister taxa: Allosauria, Carcharodontosauridae, Monolophosaurus, Neovenatoridae

Subtaxa: Erectopus Metriacanthosaurinae Shidaisaurus Xuanhanosaurus Yangchuanosaurus

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Ecology: ground dwelling carnivore


• Cretaceous of Egypt (3 collections), France (4), Portugal (1), Thailand (1)

• Jurassic of China (8), the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 18 collections each including a single occurrence

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