Subfamily Nymphalinae Swinson 1827 (brush-footed butterfly)

Insecta - Lepidoptera - Nymphalidae

Parent taxon: Nymphalidae according to R. de Jong 2017

See also Sohn et al. 2012

Sister taxa: Apatura, Biblidinae, Chlorippe, Danainae, Eugonia, Libytheinae, Nymphalis, Satyrinae

Subtaxa: Aglais Apanthesis Doxocopa Hestina Junonia Jupitellia Limenitis Lithodryas Nymphalini Nymphalites Prodryas

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• Quaternary of Japan (1 collection)

• Miocene of Croatia (1), Germany (2), the Russian Federation (1)

• Eocene of the United Kingdom (1), United States (7: Colorado)

Total: 13 collections including 17 occurrences

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