Pseudomelania (Oonia) (turrid)

Gastropoda - Neogastropoda - Turridae

Alternative spelling: Oonia

Synonyms: Eligmoloxus Cossmann 1885, Pseudomelania (Eligmoloxus) Cossmann 1885

Parent taxon: Pseudomelania according to E. Kittl 1894

See also Fischer and Vadet 1985, Sepkoski 2002 and Wenz 1938

Sister taxa: Pseudomelania (Rhabdoconcha), Pseudomelania aonis, Pseudomelania feruglioi, Pseudomelania frankei, Pseudomelania gaudryi, Pseudomelania gracilis, Pseudomelania hagenowi, Pseudomelania miles, Pseudomelania muensteri, Pseudomelania subsimilis, Pseudomelania subterebra, Pseudomelania subula

Subtaxa: Oonia incrassata Oonia pennina Oonia subtortilis Oonia texta Pseudomelania (Oonia) grossouvrei Pseudomelania (Oonia) limneiformis Pseudomelania (Oonia) similis

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Ecology: epifaunal carnivore


• Cretaceous of Trinidad and Tobago (1 collection)

• Jurassic of Hungary (3), India (10), Italy (1), Poland (1), Romania (1), Spain (8), Tanzania (1), Tunisia (3), the United Kingdom (3)

• Triassic of Italy (9), Peru (1)

Total: 42 collections including 48 occurrences

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