†family Isorophinidae Sumrall and Zamora 2011

Edrioasteroidea - Isorophinidae

Full reference: C. D. Sumrall and S. Zamora. 2011. Ordovician edrioasteroids from Morocco: faunal exchanges across the Rheic Ocean. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 9(3):425-454

Parent taxon: Edrioasteroidea according to C. D. Sumrall and S. Zamora 2011

Sister taxa: Aragocystites, Cyathocystida, Cyathothecidae, Edrioasterida, Edrioblastoida, Hemicystitidae, Isorophida, Isorophina, Kailidiscus, Pyrgocystidae, Stromatocystitida, Stromatocystitidae

Subtaxa: Anedriophus

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Ecology: stationary low-level epifaunal suspension feeder


• Ordovician of Morocco (2 collections)

Total: 2 collections each including a single occurrence

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