†order Zosterogrammida Wilson 2005 (millipede)

Myriapoda - Zosterogrammida

Full reference: H. M. Wilson. 2005. Zosterogrammida, a new order of millipedes from the middle Silurian of Scotland and the upper Carboniferous of Euramerica. Palaeontology 48:1101-1110

Parent taxon: Pentazonia according to S. Štamberg and J. Zajíc 2008

See also Wilson 2005

Sister taxa: Glomeridesmida, Oniscomorpha

Subtaxa: Zosterogrammidae

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• Carboniferous of the Czech Republic (1 collection), United States (1: Illinois)

• Silurian of the United Kingdom (1)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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