Family Priapulidae Gosse 1855 (priapulid worm)

Priapulidae - Priapulidae

Parent taxon: Priapulida according to M.A. Wills et al. 2012

See also Conway Morris 1977 and Han et al. 2004

Sister taxa: Acosmia, Archaeopriapulida, Archotuba, Corynetis, Eximipriapulus, Halicryptidae, Maccabeidae, Omnidens, Palaeoscolecidomorpha, Priapulomorpha, Selkirkiimorpha, Sicyophorus, Tubiluchidae, Xiaoheiqingidae

Subtaxa: Acanthopriapulus Priapulites Priapulopsis Priapulus Xiaoheiqingella

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Type: Priapulus

Ecology: facultatively mobile shallow infaunal carnivore


• Carboniferous of United States (4: Illinois collections)

• Cambrian of China (5)

Total: 9 collections each including a single occurrence

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