†suborder Dinocerata Marsh 1872 (uintathere)

Mammalia - Ungulata

Full reference: O. C. Marsh. 1872. Communication on the discovery of new Rocky Mountain fossils. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 12:578-579

Parent taxon: Amblypoda according to E. D. Cope 1875

See also Carroll 1988, Hay 1902 and McKenna 1975

Sister taxa: Dinocerea, Plicatodontidae

Subtaxa: Ditetrodon Gobiatheriidae Megaceratops Prodinoceratidae Uintatheriidae

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Ecology: ground dwelling herbivore


• Eocene of China (13 collections), Kazakhstan (1), Kyrgyzstan (2), United States (55: California, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Wyoming)

• Paleocene of China (5), Mongolia (3), United States (67: Colorado, Wyoming)

Total: 146 collections including 158 occurrences

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