†unranked clade Bolosauria Kuhn 1959 (parareptile)

Reptilia - Bolosauria

Parent taxon: Parareptilia according to S. P. Modesto et al. 2015

See also Kuhn 1966

Sister taxa: Cheloniamorpha, Eunotosaurus, Kinelia, Microleter, Millerettidae, Nyctiphruretidae, Procolophonomorpha

Subtaxa: Bolosauridae Erpetonyx

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• Leonard of United States (2: Oklahoma collections)

• Wolfcamp of United States (2: New Mexico, Texas)

• Permian of China (1), Germany (1), the Russian Federation (9), United States (4: Texas)

• Carboniferous to Permian of France (1)

• Carboniferous of Canada (1: Prince Edward Island)

Total: 21 collections including 22 occurrences

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