†family Ekgmowechashalidae Szalay 1976 (primate)

Mammalia - Primates - Ekgmowechashalidae

Alternative spellings: Ekgmowechashalinae, Ekgmowechashalinae

Full reference: F. S. Szalay. 1976. Systematics of the Omomyidae (Tarsiiformes, Primates) : taxonomy, phylogeny, and adaptations. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 156(3)

Parent taxon: Adapiformes according to X. Ni et al. 2016

See also McKenna 1990, Szalay 1976 and Szalay and Lucas 1996

Sister taxa: Adapidae, Caenopithecinae, Lushius, Mahgarita, Mescalerolemur, Omanodon, Pronycticebinae, Sivaladapidae, Sivaladapinae

Subtaxa: Bugtilemur Ekgmowechashala Gatanthropus Muangthanhinius

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Ecology: arboreal omnivore


• Arikareean of United States (1: Oregon collection)

• Oligocene of China (1), Pakistan (2), United States (8: Nebraska, South Dakota)

• Eocene of Thailand (2)

Total: 14 collections each including a single occurrence

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