†order Argentinoptera Petrulevičius and Gutiérrez 2016 (winged insect)

Insecta - Argentinoptera

Full reference: J. F. Petrulevičius and P. R. Gutiérrez. 2016. New basal Odonatoptera (Insecta) from the lower Carboniferous (Serpukhovian) of Argentina. Arquivos Entomolóxicos 16:341-358

Parent taxon: Plesiodonatoptera according to J. F. Petrulevičius and P. R. Gutiérrez 2016

Sister taxon: Apodonatoptera

Subtaxa: Argentinalidae

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Distribution: found only at Cerro Guandacol, Quebrada de las Libélulas (Carboniferous of Argentina)

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