Clade Kinosterninae Baur 1893 (mud turtle)

Reptilia - Testudines - Kinosternoidea

Alternative spelling: Cinosterninae

Parent taxon: Kinosternidae according to W. G. Joyce and J. R. Bourque 2016

See also Bourque 2011, Bourque 2013, Hutchison 1991, Nopcsa 1928, van Dijk et al. 2014 and Weems and George 2001

Sister taxa: Baltemys, Staurotypinae, Staurotypus, Xenochelys, Yelmochelys

Subtaxa: Kinosternon Sternotherus

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Ecology: aquatic durophage-piscivore


• Quaternary of Colombia (1 collection), Ecuador (1), El Salvador (1), Mexico (2), United States (13: Florida, Georgia, Kansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas)

• Blancan of Mexico (3), United States (8: Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico)

• Hemphillian of United States (6: Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee)

• Miocene of United States (10: Delaware, Florida, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico, Texas)

Total: 45 collections including 50 occurrences

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