Argyrocetus Lydekker 1894 (toothed whale)

Mammalia - Odontoceti

Synonym: Doliodelphis Wilson 1935

Full reference: R. Lydekker. 1894. Cetacean skulls from Patagonia. Anales del Museo de la Plata II:1-13

Parent taxon: Odontoceti according to O. Lambert et al. 2015

See also Abel 1905, Abel 1919, Ameghino 1901, Barnes 1977, Benton 1993, Berta 2017, Bianucci 1996, Bianucci and Landini 2002, Carroll 1988, Cozzuol 1996, Fordyce 1983, Fordyce and de Muizon 2001, Geisler and Sanders 2003, Hay 1930, Kellogg 1928, Lydekker 1894, McKenna and Bell 1997, Miller 1923, Mitchell and Tedford 1973, Muizon 1988, Muizon 1991, Myrick 1979, Palmer 1904, Rovereto 1915, Sepkoski 2002, Simpson 1945, Uhen et al. 2008, Wilson 1935 and Zittel 1925

Sister taxa: Acrodelphinidae, Agorophiidae, Agorophioidea, Agriocetus, Ashleycetidae, Atropatenocetus, Balaenodon, Belosphys, Cetophis, Champsodelphis, Chilcacetus, Colophonodon, Delphinapterus orcinus, Delphinida, Delphinoceti, Delphinodon mento, Delphinopsis, Delphinorhynchus, Delphinus baltringii, Delphinus restitutensis, Delphinus vanzelleri, Dinoziphius, Ediscetus, Eurhinodelphinida, Eurhinodelphis minoensis, Eurhinodelphis sassariensis, Graphiodon, Helvicetus, Helvicetus rugosus, Hesperocetus, Hesperoinia, Homaeocetus, Homocetus villersii, Hyperoodontoidea, Imerodelphis, Inticetidae, Ixacanthus, Kharthlidelphis, Lonchodelphis, Macrochirifer, Macrodelphinus, Microcetus, Microzeuglodon, Miokogia, Miotursiops, Mirocetidae, Monodon spurius, Monodontoidea, Nannolithax, Neosqualodon, Oligodelphis, Oligosqualodon, Olympicetus, Palaeoziphius, Pandelphinida, Panphyseteroidea, Parapontoporiidae, Parasqualodon, Patriocetidae, Pelodelphis, Phoca debilis, Phoca rugosidens, Phococetus, Physeteroidea, Physetodon, Platanistida, Platanistoidea, Platydelphis, Pontivaga, Priscodelphinus, Priscodelphinus teres, Priscophyseter, Prolipotes, Prophyseter, Prosqualodon, Proterocetus, Rhabdosteoidea, Rhabdosteus, Rhabodosteus, Sachalinocetus, Saurocetus, Scaptodon, Scaptodon lodderi, Simocetidae, Squaloceti, Squalodelphis pusillus, Squalodon (Microzeuglodon) wingei, Squalodon crassus, Squalodon kelloggi, Squalodon pelagius, Squalodon wymanii, Squalodontoidea, Squaloziphiidae, Stereodelphis, Sulakocetus, Synrhina, Tretosphys, Tretosphys uraeus, Uncamentodon, Xenorophidae, Zignodelphinidae, Ziphioidea, Susoidea

Subtaxa: Argyrocetus bakersfieldensis Argyrocetus joaquinensis Argyrocetus patagonicus

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Type: Argyrocetus patagonicus

Ecology: aquatic carnivore


• Miocene of Argentina (1 collection), Italy (2), United States (2: California)

• Oligocene of United States (3: California)

Total: 8 collections including 11 occurrences

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