†family Mosasauridae Gervais 1852 (mosasaur)

Reptilia - Squamata - Mosasauridae

Synonyms: Clidastidae Cope 1869, Edestosauridae Marsh 1876, Globidensidae Dollo 1924, Globidentidae Dollo 1924

Full reference: P. Gervais. 1852. Zoologie et Paléontologie Françaises (Animaux Vertébrés) ou Nouvelles Recherches sur les Animaux Vivants et Fossiles de la France [French Zoology and Paleontology (Vertebrate Animals) or New Research on the Living and Fossil Animals of France] 1–3:1-274+

Parent taxon: Mosasauria according to T. W. Reeder et al. 2015

See also Antunes 1964, Bardet et al. 2005, Baur 1890, Bell and Polcyn 2005, Buchy et al. 2007, Carroll 1988, Cope 1869, Cope 1870, Cope 1871, Cope 1875, Cuthbertson et al. 2007, Karl and Nyhuis 2012, Konishi et al. 2010, Konishi et al. 2012, Kuhn 1946, Lee and Caldwell 2000, Lindgren and Siverson 2002, Miller 1967, Nicholls and Meckert 2002, Osborn 1899, Osborn 1899, Otero et al. 2017, Polcyn and Everhart 2008, Russell 1964, Russell 1967, Schulp et al. 2008, Seiffert 1975, Thurmond and Jones 1981, Wright and Shannon 1988 and Zittel 1890

Sister taxa: Dolichosauridae, Leiodon, Tetrapodophis, Mesoleptos

Subtaxa: Amphorosteus brumbyi Clidastes iguanavus Eidolosaurus Globidentinae Goronyosaurus Haasiasaurus Halisaurinae Halisauromorpha Halisaurus Kourisodon Liodon anceps Liodon congrops Mosasaurinae Mosasaurus crassidens Mosasaurus mitchillii Mosasaurus platyodon Natantia Platecarpinae Russellosaurina Yaguarasaurinae

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Type: Mosasaurus

Ecology: aquatic carnivore

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