Montastraea endothecata Duncan 1863 (stony coral)

Anthozoa - Scleractinia - Montastraeidae

Synonyms: Agathiphyllia roxboroughi Vaughan 1919, Astraea endothecata Duncan 1863, Cyathomorpha roxboroughi Vaughan 1919, Heliastrea insignis Duncan 1867, Montastraea canalis Vaughan 1919, Montastrea bainbridgensis Vaughan 1919, Montastrea canalis Vaughan 1919, Orbicella bainbridgensis Vaughan 1919, Orbicella canalis Vaughan 1919, Orbicella insignis Duncan 1867

Belongs to Montastraea according to Duncan 1863

See also Budd 1991, Duncan 1863, Frost and Langenheim 1974, Johnson and Kirby 2006, Kiessling 2009, Kiessling 2014, López-Pérez 2005 and Vaughan 1919

Sister taxa: Montastraea cavernosa, Montastraea cylindrica, Montastraea faveolata, Montastraea franksi, Montastrea alpina, Montastrea antilliana, Montastrea bachmayeri, Montastrea brevis, Montastrea bumi, Montastrea cavernosa, Montastrea colemani, Montastrea costata, Montastrea cribraria, Montastrea cubana, Montastrea cylindrica, Montastrea davisina, Montastrea endothecata, Montastrea eocenica, Montastrea exsculpta, Montastrea felixi, Montastrea gabbi, Montastrea imperatoris, Montastrea inaequalis, Montastrea intermedia, Montastrea irradians, Montastrea katzeri, Montastrea lauensis, Montastrea laurae, Montastrea lepidoides, Montastrea lilli, Montastrea lyonsi, Montastrea nodosa, Montastrea orbitoides, Montastrea pecosensis, Montastrea pediculata, Montastrea peninsularis, Montastrea pomeli, Montastrea prima, Montastrea roemeriana, Montastrea rotunda, Montastrea rudis, Montastrea schuberti, Montastrea schweinfurthi, Montastrea tabulata, Montastrea tampaensis, Montastrea tchihatcheffi, Montastrea texana, Montastrea trinitatis, Phyllocoenia sculpta

Ecology: stationary intermediate-level epifaunal microcarnivore-photosymbiotic


• Quaternary of the Bahamas (1 collection), Costa Rica (6), Panama (1)

• Pliocene to Pleistocene of Costa Rica (2)

• Pliocene of Costa Rica (1), the Dominican Republic (8)

• Miocene to Pliocene of the Dominican Republic (1)

• Miocene of Anguilla (7), the Bahamas (1), Colombia (6), the Dominican Republic (4), Mexico (1), Panama (21), Trinidad and Tobago (3), Venezuela (2)

• Oligocene of Antigua and Barbuda (6), the Dominican Republic (1), Haiti (3), Jamaica (2), Mexico (3), United States (2: Florida, Georgia), Venezuela (1)

Total: 83 collections including 89 occurrences

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