†tribe Dolichorhinini Riggs 1912 (brontothere)

Mammalia - Perissodactyla - Brontotheriidae

Alternative spellings: Dolichorhinae, Dolichorhininae

Synonyms: Rhadinorhinina Osborn 1929, Rhadinorhininae Osborn 1929

Full reference: E. S. Riggs. 1912. New or Little Known Titanotheres From the Lower Uintah Formations with Notes on the Stratigraphy and Distribution of Fossils. Geological Series, Field Museum of Natural History 4(2):17-41

Parent taxon: Brontotheriinae according to M. C. Mihlbachler 2008

See also Mader 1998, Mader 2008 and Prothero and Schoch 1989

Sister taxa: Acrotitan, Brontotheriini, Bunobrontops, Desmatotitan, Embolotheriita, Metarhinus, Protitanotherium, Telmatherium

Subtaxa: Fossendorhinus Mesatirhinus Sphenocoelus

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser


• Eocene of United States (12: Colorado, Utah, Wyoming collections)

Total: 12 collections including 13 occurrences

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