Order Perissodactyla Owen 1848 (odd-toed ungulate)

Mammalia - Perissodactyla

Full reference: R. Owen. 1848. Description of teeth and portions of jaws of two extinct Anthracotherioid quadrupeds (Hyopotamus vectianus and Hyop. bovinus) discovered by the Marchioness of Hastings in the Eocene deposits on the NW coast of the Isle of Wight: with an attempt to develope Cuvier's idea of the Classification of Pachyderms by the number of their toes. Quarterly Journal of the Geological Society of London 4:103-141

Parent taxon: Perissodactylamorpha according to K. D. Rose et al. 2020

See also Ameghino 1894, Asher and Helgen 2010, Bai et al. 2017, Carroll 1988, Cooper et al. 2014, Cope 1889, Cope 1891, Ferrusquia-Villafranca 1969, Ferrusquía-Villafranca et al. 2014, Flower 1883, Flower and Lydekker 1891, Gadow 1898, Gregory 1910, Hay 1902, Hooker 1986, Hulbert and Whitmore 2006, Jaekel 1911, Kumar and Sahni 1985, Lambe 1908, Leidy 1873, MacFadden 1986, MacFadden 2009, Madsen et al. 2001, McKenna 1975, Nowak 1991, Owen 1848, Prothero 2005, Prothero and Schoch 1989, Schoch 1984, Symeonidis et al. 2006, Thurmond and Jones 1981, Waddell et al. 2001, Waddell et al. 1999 and Wilson and Reeder 2005

Sister taxa: Anthracobunia, Radinskya

Subtaxa: Anthracobunidae Brontotheriidae Cambaytheriidae Cambaytherium Chelodactyla Desmostylia Equina Equoidea Ghazijhippus Hallensia Hippopotamus iravaticus Hyracotheriidae Lophodontomorpha Mesaxonia Mesolambdolophus Nakusia Paschatherium Perissobune Rhinocerotida Selenida Skopaiolophus Solidungula Stereopterna Tapiromorpha Teilhardimys Titanotheriomorpha Triplopidae

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Ecology: ground dwelling browser-grazer

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