†family Hamipteridae Holgado et al. 2019 (pterosaur)

Reptilia - Pterosauria - Hamipteridae

Full reference: B. Holgado, R. V. Pegas, J. I. Canudo, J. Fortuny, T. Rodrigues, J. Company, and A. W. A. Kellner. 2019. On a new crested pterodactyloid from the Early Cretaceous of the Iberian Peninsula and the radiation of the clade Anhangueria. Scientific Reports 9(4940)

Parent taxon: Anhangueria according to B. Holgado et al. 2019

Sister taxon: Camposipterus

Subtaxa: Iberodactylus

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Ecology: volant piscivore

Distribution: found only at Iberodactylus-type locality (Cretaceous of Spain)

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