Family Aegothelidae Bonaparte 1853 (owlet-nightjar)

Aves - Caprimulgiformes - Aegothelidae

Parent taxon: Caprimulgiformes according to J. F. Clements et al. 2017

See also Carroll 1988, Livezey and Zusi 2007, Mayr 2005 and Worthy et al. 2007

Sister taxa: Aegotheli, Apodidae, Caprimulgi, Caprimulgidae, Hemiprocnidae, Nyctibiidae, Podargidae, Trochilidae

Subtaxa: Aegotheles Quipollornis

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Ecology: volant insectivore


• Quaternary of Australia (3 collections), New Caledonia (4), New Zealand (3)

• Miocene of New Zealand (1)

Total: 11 collections each including a single occurrence

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