†family Polydolopidae Ameghino 1897 (metatherian)

Mammalia - Polydolopimorphia - Polydolopidae

Synonym: Promysopidae Ameghino 1902

Full reference: F. Ameghino. 1897. Mammiféres crétacés de l’Argentine (Deuxième contribution à la connaissance de la fauna mammalogique de couches à Pyrotherium) [Cretaceous mammals of Argentina (second contribution to the knowledge of the mammalian fauna of the Pyrotherium Beds)]. Boletin Instituto Geografico Argentino 18(4–9):406-521

Parent taxon: Polydolopimorphia according to F. J. Goin et al. 2009

See also Ameghino 1897, Ameghino 1902, Flynn and Wyss 1999, Goin et al. 2010, Marshall 1982, McKenna and Bell 1997, Paula Couto 1952, Simpson 1935 and Simpson 1948

Sister taxa: Apeirodon, Argyrolagidae, Bobbschaefferia, Bonapartheriidae, Bonapartheriiformes, Chulpasiinae, Cocatherium, Gashterniidae, Glasbiidae, Hatcheriformes, Polydolopiformes, Polydolopoidea, Prepidolopidae, Prepidolops, Pujatodon, Roberthoffstetteria, Wamradolops

Subtaxa: Hypodolops Kramadolops Polydolopinae Polydolops

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Type: Polydolops

Ecology: scansorial omnivore


• Deseadan of Bolivia (2 collections)

• Oligocene of Argentina (2), Chile (2)

• Tinguirirican of Argentina (1)

• Eocene of Antarctica (8), Argentina (33), Brazil (1)

• Paleocene of Argentina (3)

Total: 52 collections including 103 occurrences

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