Pseudolimnophila (Pseudolimnophila) Alexander 1919 (crane fly)

Insecta - Diptera - Limoniidae

Full reference: C. P. Alexander. 1919. The crane-flies of New York. Part I. Distribution and taxonomy of the adult flies. Memoir - Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station 25:767-961

Parent taxon: Pseudolimnophila according to W. KrzemiƄski 2019

Sister taxa: Pseudolimnophila (Baltilimnophila), Pseudolimnophila ambigua, Pseudolimnophila concinna, Pseudolimnophila continuata, Pseudolimnophila exigua, Pseudolimnophila inculpata, Pseudolimnophila loewiella, Pseudolimnophila pinicola, Pseudolimnophila producta, Pseudolimnophila siciliana, Pseudolimnophila speirsae, Pseudolimnophila timida, Pseudolimnophila vulcana

Subtaxa: Pseudolimnophila (Pseudolimnophila) disjunctula

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• Eocene of the United Kingdom (3 collections)

Total: 3 collections each including a single occurrence

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